Working with Amanda Kindzierski 

I’ve participated in a short film this weekend, with the talented Amanda Kindzierski again. It’s always a pleasure working with someone who’s got it together. The film, currently titled Ghost Hunters, was created as part of the Aboriginal Film Collective. The collective will have a screening around March 25th, but if I’m wrong, then at least in and around the next month. It’s too bad I didn’t take any photos or live video feed, but hopefully the actual film will speak for itself. 

I also had the pleasure of working with Actor/comedian Ryan Ash again, since working with him on the 48 Hour Film Competition last year. 

More info to come. 

Lovesick: Final Three Shows Feb 7, 11 & 18

  1. I had the chance to finally see Lovesick at the Cinematheque, having brought a good friend with me. If you haven’t seen it yet, there are a couple more chances this month. Hopefully it will come out on Blu-ray. 
  2. Tonight is the opening of The Mousetrap at 585 Ellice, during Christiefest. Check the RMTC site and the Dramatic Theatre site for times. if you’re an Agatha Christie fan, come see ours along with other plays written by or adapted from her.
  3. In March, the movie Temporus Tormentum will debut and I was privileged to be in this fantastic horror movie, directed by James Rewucki. im excited about it, but here’s a teaser trailer for you to watch.

The Mousetrap / Dramatic Theatre (ChristieFest 2017)

The Mousetrap / Dramatic Theatre (ChristieFest 2017) opens in 30 days – and the cast can’t wait to meet you soon! The cast stopped rehearsal today to snap a quick shot.

BACK-ROW: Tony Porteous (as Dt. Sgt. Trotter), Ken Stone (as Mr. Paravicini), Mike Silk (as Christopher Wren), Brian Langlotz (as Giles Ralston), and Vic Unruh (as Major Metcalfe).

FRONT-ROW: Megan McGonigal (as Miss. Casewell), Kelley Hirst (as Mrs. Boyle), and Lorraine James (as the Voice Announcer).

MISSING: Amanda Nickels (Mrs. Mollie Ralston)

Tickets are on sale now. DRAMATICTHEATRE.NET or call 2014-416-5205.