Conscience is the most dangerous thing you possess. ~ John Patrick Shanley

Conscience is the most dangerous thing you possess,” Shanley says. “If you wake it up it may destroy you. To live a life of total moral rigor is not necessarily the way to go. It’s the path for very few people. Most people need to come up with some kind of middle ground that satisfies their practical, moral, and philosophical esthetic needs.


The Cast Of Storefront Church

Our show happens February 1-10, 2018, so come to see spirituality versus corporations, heart and soul versus heartlessness and soullessness. So far, I’m enjoying the company of these fine actors. Rehearsals are a process of discovery, of creative research and bloopers galore when someone messes up (I’m not saying Who though 😉).

Come because you know my work, come if you don’t, come because you’re familiar with the work that Tara Players pumps out, come because there’s a cast member you favour, come because you’re related to me and Get to brag about it, come so you can make fun of my performance in it, come because I told you to, come because you need a warm theatre to thaw off into, come because you’re a fan of John Patrick Shanley, come because tickets are affordable, come because you want to witness how the heart of corporation can melt under the charm of a soulful person.

Goodness gracious, come already!

ShanleyFest info right here.



Shanleyfest in February

Check out the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre website for more info. Programs should be coming out next month/year with other details.

  • Ethan Goldklang (Robert Wall)
  • Reed Van Druyten (Kevin Longfield)
  • Jessie Cortez (Lorraine James)
  • Donaldo Calderon (Vic Unruh)
  • Chester Kimmich (Densfield Green)
  • Tom Raidenberg (Bernard Boland)

Dates: February 1-4, 6-10 at Tara Players.

There’ll be a Facebook Event page up sometime in January.


M.O.W., Shanleyfest and Cabaret

Also known as Gone: My Daughter.

Cristina Rosato and I

‘Twas delightful working with Cristina Rosato, director Jeff Beesley and seeing so many familiar faces in front of and behind the camera. My moment from start to finish wasn’t long enough, but hopefully someday I’ll have more work in film and television.

Still in rehearsals for Storefront Church, playing Jessie Cortez.

I’ll be performing for the Cabaret of Monologues next year for international women’s week.


#IntoInvisibleLight & Stuff

I waited until the end of my shooting day to post anything more about this project.

Twas a good shoot today, having worked with Jennifer Dale and Peter Keleghan. Also shared the day with Sharon Bajer, Eric Blais and Robin Ruel.

Y’all were lovely and I look forward to working with you again!

I’ll be updating about my stint on Gone: Finding Faith, shooting next month.


Into Invisible Light in October

I’ve bagged a role in the Shelagh Carter film, Into Invisible Light, shooting this month.

Pictured are Shelagh Carter (left) and Jennifer Dale (right).

Shelagh Carter

Shelagh’s next feature projects, the revisionist Chekhovian drama Into Invisible Light, the humanistic comedy Dreaming of Tempests, and an allegory La Jefa are in development.

She is a recipient of the Women In the Director’s Chair Career Advancement Module 2010, in collaboration with Women in Film Festival Vancouver.