“Encounters of the Diner Kind” at the Metro!

Last night was the encore presentation of all the 48 Hour Film Competition entrants. Ours didn't make it to Gimli, but we saw our film play last night, so there was some closure. Amanda Kindzierski is always a pleasure to work with and I hope to make more fun-filled adventurous films with her, feature films especially.
Here's the program from last night's event:

I was also amazed at the quality of the other films as well. You couldn't tell the amateurs from the professionals up there! I hope all of them go onto bigger and brighter futures with their film careers and to even work with some of them. Ben Williams put on a great even! The host, Milos Mitrovic did an awesome job of amusing us too.


Two Theatre Projects

  1. I'll be performing in "Bake-Off" for Fem Fest next month. It's a series of original plays written through a contest, and the resulting plays will be performed by local actors at the end of it. The winning play gets a prize and will be worked on in the future for the stage.
  2. I'm in talks to participate in this coming Master Playwrights Festival, ShanleyFest , also known as John Patrick Shanley.
  3. Henry Cavill sent out a commemorative coin to the cast and crew of Nomis, and mine came in the mail the other day.
  4. Everyone asks me every fringe if I'm in it. Didn't do it this year. Nobody asked and I didn't go out for any auditions. There's always next year though.

Playing a Teacher in a Film

I have a role as a teacher in this film, to be shot later in July. More info to come. 

Diane Kruger Joins Cast Of ‘JT Leroy’ Movie – Cannes

EXCLUSIVE: Diane Kruger has joined the cast of Justin Kelly’s JT Leroy, the feature film based on the true story of a pair of woman who created the persona of a boy-wonder author, fooling the literary community, the fashion world, and the Hollywood elite for six years before the hoax was finally revealed.

Kristen Stewart early on boarded the project to play Savannah Knoop, who dressed up as Leroy who was a fabrication of writer Laura Albert, Knoop’s sister in law. Laura Dern is set to play Albert, while Kruger will play Eva, a French actress who brings JT to Paris, falls for him, then helps turn his life story into a film.

Production is set to begin in July on the pic, adapted from Knoop’s book; there was also a documentary, Jeff Feuerzeig’s Author: The JT Leroy Story, which bowed at Sundance 2016.

Fortitude International is selling the feature film at the Cannes Film Festival beginning this week. Cassian Elwes is financing and producing with Mark Amin’s Sobini Films, LBI Entertainment’s Julie Yorn and Patrick Walmsley, and Thirty Three Management’s Thor Bradwell. Fortitude’s Nadine de Barros, Sobini’ Cami Winikoff and Tyler Boehm, and Gary Pearl are executive producers.

Kruger’s next pic is Fatih Akin’s In The Fade, which is playing in the Cannes competition next week. She is repped by UTA, Untitled, Altitude Management and Peikoff/Mahan.

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Video of Cast & Crew for our 48 Hour Film Competition 2017

This is my forth 48 Hour Film Making Competition, yet my third with Amanda Kindzierski.

There was a wonderful cast and crew, several I’ve know and/or met, others new to me.

From Ben Williams of Winnipeg Film Group:



  1. MEET N GREET: Tue, May 16th/6pm
  2. THEE COMPETITION:  Fri, June 16th/5pm to Sun, June 18th/5pm
  3. SCREENING GIMLI: Sat, July 29th (time and location TBD)
  4. SCREENING WINNIPEG: Tue, August, 1st/7pm in Cinematheque

Breaking Through has everyone talking!


Breaking Through has everyone talking!

DorothyCarroll_MarshaKnight photo by Janet Shum2 (1024x683)

Breaking Through opened on Tuesday and has had everyone talking since.

“Saw Breaking Through yesterday, and recommend it, it is honest but done with humour too. Still shows this week. I love all the characters, especially KoKo.” – Mary Scott

“I identify with some of the characters as I have gone through mental struggles of my own… I think what it certainly got across very well was that each character was a sort of individual element, not of their own choosing, but they’re trying to find some means of attaining normalcy. This is what I’ve gone through—the struggle to find normalcy when you have a condition that leaves you feeling anything but.”  – Patrick Lowe, Winnipeg Filmmaker

JoshRanville_MarshaKnight photo by Janet Shum (1024x683)

“Brilliantly done and very well-researched. The actors really took on the roles. Everybody’s characters just stay with you.” – Angela, audience member

Check out a feature in The Times on actor Harry Nelken who plays Joe, a 72 year old character who has been living with schizophrenia since he was 19. Read the Winnipeg Free Press preview by Randall King and the blog review by Winnipeg theatre artist Lorraine JamesBreaking Through has also been featured in the Winnipeg Free Press Arts & CultureCBC NewsThe HeraldThe LanceThe Pilipino ExpressGlobal News Morning and more!

Come and see for yourself. There are four performances left! To see a performance schedule and book you tickets click here.

“Plays like this are good messages. They’re valuable, in a sense. What I also like about the play is it was meant to be entertaining throughout. It wasn’t really a ‘downer’. It was trying to be an ‘upper’” – Patrick Lowe, Winnipeg filmmaker

Photos by Janet Shum.

Review: “Breaking Through”

I’ve done several shows with Sarasvati Productions and have seen many more. I love the diversity of voices expressed in this company and that every piece challenges you to think, planting a seed about the subject matter. I never know how entertaining or educational the piece will be with any theatre until it’s finished. Going into this, I wonder if the title means to break through stereotypes about mental illness, about an individual breaking through to come out onto the other side of “sanity”, for their surrounding circle of friends and family to break through and communicate with the individual? 

Breaking Through is an hour and a half long play about a diverse group of people struggling with their mental health, finding their way to surviving every single day as they do so. Not focusing on a particular illness but commenting on how mental illness itself is being perceived. The show could’ve focused on schizophrenia, on gender dysphasia, on body issues, but they all suffer the same misconceptions and even bigotry from those dealing with it or those dismissive of it. It’s also about the people in their lives struggling along with them and the stress they go through supporting the people they love. Performed by several local actors doubling up with multiple characters, the performances were loosely based on true stories as told by people going through their own mental health issues. 

The thing I liked about the show was that I could see some familiar people in my life displayed upon the stage. I also saw the struggles their support systems went through. Most people imagine what a schizophrenic person is like based on TV and movies, but seeing Harry Nelken‘s  lovable portrayal made you to want to get to know him. Elena Anciro‘s character made us sympathize with her; Dorothy Carroll‘s character made us wish we could fix her problems with a pat answer, yet knowing it goes far deeper than that; Richie Diggs‘s character or rather characters were all personable, as patients and as sympathetic caregivers; Marsha Knight‘s characters were also struggling with their own problems while supporting the people they loved, which is a hard task; Spenser Payne‘s reality show character was a more preferred version of the Kardashians and more relatable; and Josh Ranville‘s character challenged everyone’s perception of what’s crazy versus what drives a person crazy while dealing with your mental health: who are the contributors of our mental illness and how do we struggle with it on a daily basis?

You’ll leave the theatre questioning not only your own mental health but thinking about all those other people from your past you didn’t understand, the ones who lashed out at you because you weren’t sensitive enough, that one person who offered compassion clumsily, that other person who thanked you for the advice so you’d leave them alone with their struggles or that one person who thanked you for making their day. 

The show runs from May 23 to 28, 2017 at the Asper Centre for Theatre and Film (at the University of Winnipeg). 

I’m also looking forward to more plays written by Hope McIntyre and Cairn Moore in the near future! 


I've always loved the words in this video because I realized that persistence had pulled me through my desire to be an actor. I've met so many artists who've quit because they didn't believe their talent was good enough and thought they had to be spectacular right now. This is for all the frustrated artist who will be great someday.