For those seeing this through their phones, you can click the links for each video to take you to the mobile version.

You can check out my Playlist on YouTube called Demo Reel (until I have an actual demo reel).

Just In Time

Tutulungan Kita (I’ll Help You)

The Trailer for Perfect Sisters

Shot in Richmond and Chilliwack BC back in 1999, I resorted to pointing my video camera at the screen to upload this.

My first short film. Here’s a scene from it, starring Morgan Brayton, directed by Maureen Bradley, shot in the ’90’s. The Chosen Family on The full version is right here on Vimeo

Here’s an interview I was a part of, shot in November 2010 (4:56):

Wab Kinew is part of a mock attack campaign ad:�

Here’s a film a friend of mine, Sara Arenson, Submitted for the 48-Hour Film Festival through the Winnipeg Film Group.

From A Taste of the Fringe Preview at McNally-Robinson.

Link to “With Child, Without Alcohol” on through your phone.

I appear 7 times, but I have one speech at the AA Meeting Scene. (I’d love it if I could get the scene I’m in instead of trying/failing at copying it off the DVD:


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