Blair St. Germaine: June 18th, 2018

Blair St. Germaine Gone but not forgotten. ❤️

winnipeg free press passages obituary
Blair St.Germaine (Talent Agent)

I can’t remember how we met. All I know is that he wanted to be my agent and he was. He’d created Unlimited Talent, worked with Inspire Talent, then Unlimited was back. After living n Vancouver and having no success with agents and the industry out there, it’s good to be represented by someone who is trustworthy, faithful and loyal. I’d put my career in his hands and it was the best decision.

With that said, he was a good guy when we’d meet for coffee. With all the horrible betrayals going on in Hollywood, it’s good to know a decent human being who won’t abuse your trust. I’m glad Blair was a part of my life and I’ll miss him deeply. Many others will also miss him. His death broke many hearts.

Rest In Peace, Blair.


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