Video of Cast & Crew for our 48 Hour Film Competition 2017

This is my forth 48 Hour Film Making Competition, yet my third with Amanda Kindzierski

There was a wonderful cast and crew, several I’ve know and/or met, others new to me. 

From Ben Williams of Winnipeg Film Group:


For others who have this question for the past 3 years, we have been premiering the films to sold-out audiences at the Gimli Film Festival; for those who can’t maket it we bring it to the Cinematheque. This year the (1) Gimli Premiere will happen on Sat, July 29th at the Gimli Theatre it seats about 250 patrons. It will sell out and it will be packed so I suggest anyone who wishes to attend to buy your tickets once they go on sale. (2) The second screening will take place at either the Grant Park Theatre or the Metropolitan Theatre date and times to be determined. 


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