My Day on Nomis


Posing with David Raymond

Prepping for

Make up chair moment

Prepping for

Make up by April Panglinan

Librarian in

I’m a librarian

I would’ve loved to have posted photos of myself with Sir Ben Kingsley & Henry Cavill, but they were already off to their trailers. I shook SBK’s hand and he thanked me, but my brief moment is still there. The make up and hair people were delightful, the writer/director, David Raymond was a lovely person and the day was swift. Hopefully someday I’ll have a larger scene on screen with these actors or others when that day comes. Nomis is slated to premiere sometime next year. 

I’ll say this about the two leads: I felt like I was in the presence of a king and Hercules. When I think about it, I was on set with Superman and Gandhi! They were both gentlemen. 


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