The Mousetrap / Dramatic Theatre (ChristieFest 2017)

The Mousetrap / Dramatic Theatre (ChristieFest 2017) opens in 30 days – and the cast can’t wait to meet you soon! The cast stopped rehearsal today to snap a quick shot.

BACK-ROW: Tony Porteous (as Dt. Sgt. Trotter), Ken Stone (as Mr. Paravicini), Mike Silk (as Christopher Wren), Brian Langlotz (as Giles Ralston), and Vic Unruh (as Major Metcalfe).

FRONT-ROW: Megan McGonigal (as Miss. Casewell), Kelley Hirst (as Mrs. Boyle), and Lorraine James (as the Voice Announcer).

MISSING: Amanda Nickels (Mrs. Mollie Ralston)

Tickets are on sale now. DRAMATICTHEATRE.NET or call 2014-416-5205.

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