Todd Kelly, Myself, Mel Hansen, Jonas Desrosier, Mitch Krohn, Pamela Roz,

Winnipeg Fringe Festival 2016

I had a wonderful time at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. I especially appreciated my fellow actors, watching them in the last few rehearsals before we went to our rehearsal space and I realized how talented the other actors were. I was so focused on my lines and my blocking and just trying to get my character down, that I forgot to actually look up and see what kind of actors that I was working with. I hope to work with them all again.

  • Thank you, Mitch Krohn, for casting me in the first place. I loved watching your work as you directed us and as you performed and sculpted your character in rehearsals. More people should know how talented you are. 
  • Marcia Plett: Thanks for keeping us in line, for your direction, also your support. Maybe I’ll finally get my ten dollars from that vending machine!
  • Pamela Roz: I was watching you during our second-to-last rehearsal when I realized how talented you truly are. I hope more people have told you this. If they haven’t, then either they weren’t paying attention or they’re too shy to confess this to you. 
  • Mel Hansen: With the few words you’ve spoken on stage and in rehearsals every time, your vulnerable character was valuable. I only hope for bigger things in your future. 
  • Jonas Desrosiers: Man, the things you’ve pulled out of your imagination were entertaining. Keep that, no matter where your path leads you. 
  • Todd Kelly: I loved your character. I’ve dealt with so many Bill Toemeali’s in the past and everyday I wanted to understand him. I’m glad you’re a better version of him. And thanks for your strong lungs!
  • Kim Kakegamic: If you thought that you were forgotten, it’s because your sound and lighting work was flawless. Not once did we ever worry about your technique or your lack of knowledge. Thanks for your support and for playing with the lights and sound. 

I’m always happy to do the fringe festival. I get roles that a mainstream theatre would never consider me for. When will I ever play God, a lesbian vampire of Sodom, a love interes again, and so many others to come? I know for sure I’ll never do mainstream at this point, but hey, I’m getting value from more diverse showcases. 

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