Two Hundred Sixty Six

Screen capture from Facebook Over the past weekend, I participated in the 48 HOUR FILM CONTEST (2015) JULY 3rd at 5PM – 5th at 5PM, through the Winnipeg Film Group (Facebook Page) with an all-woman team. 

Here’s to the cast & crew:

  1. Director: Amanda Kindzierski 
  2. Producer: Sheryl Peters
  3. Actor: Lorraine James 
  4. Crew: Shereen Ramprashad

Supporting Cast

  1. Nicole & Peyton Levesque
  2. Derek Breckner
  3. Richard Chuckry
  4. Jasmin Chong
  5. Kacie Reimer
  6. Julie Kerfoot
  7. Betty La

     Crew setting ip to shoot me. 
    Left to Right: Kacie Reimer, Amanda Kindzierski & DarkCyan Studios. 

    People of all levels of experiences and talents participated in this once-a-year competition where filming started on JULY 3rd at 5PM – 5th at 5PM. Condensing the film-making process was an endurance but it propelled everyone to get it done PDQ. 

    The final results will debut at the Gimli Film Festival.  Photo courtesy of DarkCyan Studios.  


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