Two Hundred Sixty Two

  1. The Cabaret of Monologues was a successful hoot and a half!  I look forward to doing it again.  It was too bad I didn’t meet Step Taylor, the writer of the monologue I performed. I also miss the character of Loretta, as is the usual routine when it finished a show. The women/wimmin/womyn we’re all great at their performances; it’s always a grab bag of a cast in terms of who I’ll be sharing the stage with. Every show I do with this company challenges and strengthens me as an actor. 
  2. In 1989, or 1990, I did a commercial for CKY News. I didn’t write down any notes for it so I don’t remember the director or the other actor, or even the hair and make up people. I’m hoping that someone could point me in the right direction, possibly a video floating around on the Internet. I went to the station a few years ago and they couldn’t help me. Maybe I didn’t ask the right questions. Anyway: “How to I get my film/TV clips from work done over 20 years ago?” Is the question I’m asking. 
  3. I haven’t been cast in any Winnipeg Fringe Festival shows yet but from now until May, it’s always possible. 

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