One Hundred Eighty-Nine

Tonight was the private viewing of PERFECT SISTERS, Canadian premiere, even.
Several familiar faces were there (Stan Brooks, Juliette Hagopian, Candace Smith & Onalee Ames).
I was unsure about its premiere until I’d received an email last week about it. Part of me wanted to see that I didn’t get cut from the movie, but then it’s all about the afterlife.
I was reminded of the script and how there were no major changes made. I wished I’d read the book but it isn’t too late. Somewhere, out there, exists the trailer for this.
Not sure where it’ll end up from here but all the best to the producers (Julijette Productions).
I actually liked the film; the actresses (Georgie Henley and Abigail Breslin) did great; all I can say about the ending was that I felt bad for them, regardless of what they did. I’d like to give a more detailed review, but I’d have to Organize it for a later date.
I’m glad it has finally come out though.
Thanks to my mom for being my date!

2 thoughts on “One Hundred Eighty-Nine

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