One Hundred Sixty-Eight

Aisha Alfa talks Failure at TEDx Manitoba ::


My challenge to everyone is to become comfortable with failure and use it as your stepping stone to success, because if you don’t you will stay scared and stagnant! Failure is a must, it’s a beautiful thing, it’s a catalyst for innovation, creativity and progress!!!

Fail and tell me about it!

I didn’t get the chance to check out TEDxManitoba in February, but I’ve had the chance to meet Aisha Alfa. When I first met her, I was helping a film maker cast for his short film and she bagged a role in it. She was such a positive person, filled with energy and magnetism.

The reason I’ve put this up here is that so often, when you’re an actor dealing with rejection and failure, you get despondent. Everyday someone wants to be an actor but everyday someone is quitting the business. Sometimes success happens when everyone else has let go, but do you want to be one of them? So focused on success, we’re so afraid of failure. Aisha inspires us to embrace failure and to be unafraid of it, like a comedian bombing on stage or being heckled.

Anyways, check out this video, give it millions of hits, take in what she has to say and come away inspired by her words.


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