One Hundred Fifty-Six

I had a role in my very first feature film in 1996 then 1999. A Coleman Film called, Natural Selection, a Packing House Production, shot in Richmond & Chilliwack, BC that came out in 1999. I have my one VHS copy that I pull out now and again, just to reminisce about the whole film-making experience. Plot-line: Four people, unable to enjoy their own lives, go around wrecking it for everyone who crosses their path, in the writing/directing debut of husband & wife team Jason & Heather Evans-Coleman, NATURAL SELECTION. Two male and two female characters follow separate paths, encountering suspense, action, romance and comedy as they track their victims down the darkest corridors of human nature. Since I can’t find the cast and crew anywhere on, I thought I’d put the cast credits here:

  1. Jason Coleman
  2. Heather Evans-Coleman
  3. Michael Coleman
  4. Bonnie Sheffield
  5. Sandy Paluly
  6. Stephen Havas
  7. Aura Madden
  8. Don Stewart
  9. Storma
  10. Terry D. Stevens
  11. Colin Corrigan
  12. Lorraine James
  13. Warren Hale
  14. Navid Khonsari
  15. Steven Calvert
  16. Anthony D. Sam
  17. Erin Wells
  18. Lance Peverley
  19. Jason Palmer
  20. John Dennehy Jr.
  21. Mozaad Irani
  22. Chris Harris
  23. Dan Tompkims
  24. Ross Alden
  25. Melanie Skehar
  26. Tristin Lefleur
  27. Martin Blaiz
  28. Luke Barroll
  29. Geoffrey L Greenwood
  30. Alonso Oyarzun
  31. Andy Pardek
  32. Michael Guthierrez
  33. Ian Wallace
  34. Siobhan D’Souza
  35. Coleen Faulkner
  36. Andrew Smith
  37. Rick Bellavance
  38. Ian Brown
  39. Blake Stadh
  40. Greg Robinson
  41. Luigi D’Adamo
  42. Andrea Crawford
  43. Fredrik Graver
  44. Bill McRobbie
  45. Troy Adamson
  46. Jerry Roy Wechlin
  47. Greg Mohart
  48. Philippe Lacroix
  49. Kevin Michael Perry
  50. Bob Kay
I’d put the crew credits here too, but they’re way too numerous for me to keep pausing, typing and starting the video tape. If I can, I’ll upload just my scenes from the movie, not the entire thing. They allowed me to watch the trailer and I wished I had a copy of it or that it were somewhere on YouTube. I’ve searched for it and it’s nowhere on the internet, at all.

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