One Hundred Fifty-One

The only activity as of late was for a police academy, re-enacting domestic dispute scenarios. I’ve done the exact same one 2 years ago, so it was only the detailed facts I had to gloss over. Took most of the day, starting early in the morning, lasting half an hour for each one. Repeating the one scene meant I had to keep it fresh, with the next one becaming a little different afterwards. After awhile, some of the faces & voices of the police trainees started to blend together, like dé ja vu, like I was in Bill Murray’s “Groudhog Day”. I started off as a victim, then the last one switched it where I slapped my partner & being handcuffed. I’m happy to say that that’ll be the only time I’ll be in handcuffs, unless I do a huge movie deal or become a regular tv series.
I could do something like this as a part time job, even full time. Dealing with a different group who handles organ donations or law students I’d love to participate in more often, weekly, a few days a week even.

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