One Hundred Forty-Nine

Cashing In season 3 premieres September 7 on APTN | TV, eh?.

Finally, my episode will air sometime next month. Check local listings for channels & times, but it comes on APTN& the Showcase channel. So, stay tuned!


Cashing In exposes the high-stakes, winner-takes-all world of First Nations gaming. The half-hour drama is set on the fictional Stonewalker First Nation in southern Manitoba. Nestled comfortably beside an affluent beach community, the North Beach Casino is a successful gaming facility jam-packed with sharp executives, smooth dealers & rising stars. In other words: sex, money and power.

In season one, the North Beach Casino is purchased by Mathew Tommy, a ruthless casino mogul who plans to make it the jewel of his empire crown. With business venture & country living more complicated than initially thought, season two ends with Mathew being gunned down in his own casino.

Season three opens with the gaming empire now in the hands of his son. As questions emerge about whether Justin Tommy can cut the deck, Mathew’s past continues to surface. To top it off, John Eagle is planning to wed Liz McKendra, who was Mathew’s top executive before Justin fired her.

With Liz no longer running the show, Cheyenne Blueweed views her departure as opportunity, and is willing to do just about anything to clinch her place in the casino empire. As Cheyenne tries to find her way, her cousin Trevor Blueweed embarks on a journey of his own, and realizes that his ‘gift’ may be a whole lot trickier than his lounge magic act.


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