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5 Tips to Help you Nail your next Audition.

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5 Tips to Help you Nail your next Audition

acting audition
You’ve worked hard at your craft and now you have an opportunity to show what you are made of. It is time for your audition. While memorizing lines and practicing your improvisation are important, there are a few things that successful actors do that give them the edge. Here are five tips to keep in mind for your next audition.

Tip#1- Look Professional! Dress as if you were going for a job interview at a major corporation. Remember, this not about art, it is about money and this is a job interview. Someone has a financial stake in the outcome of the production and they want professionals who are willing to work to make it a success. You may think that the ratty T-shirt you are planning to wear gives you an edgy look and feel that fits the part but the fact is this is not a dress rehearsal, it is an interview and a chance to show the type of person you are, a professional. Leave the ratty T’s for the wardrobe department.

Tip#2 – Be Courteous! From the time you make contact with the production company until the time you audition, be courteous. Show professional courtesy to everyone involved with the production company, even the janitor. You never know who is who. The casting director may be dressed in your ratty T and eating pizza when you meet him. Courtesy shows professionalism and shows that you are easy to work with and that you respect others. This is the kind of person the production company wants.

Tip#3 – Be Ready! Being ready is more than being prepared to read. It also means having your resume up to date and available and having recent head shots. It means knowing exactly how to get to your audition or having alternate transportation in case of an emergency. Have a change of clothes available just in case the casting director in the ratty T slings pizza sauce on you during one of his rants. Be ready for anything that may cause you to miss your opportunity.

Tip#4 – Be Respectful! Respect the casting director’s time. They may have dealt with hundreds of auditions before you. Keep in mind that getting down to the reading is most important, so be on time, go where they tell you to go, and go when they tell you to go. Also remember to respect the facilities. Pick up after yourself, close doors softly, and pass on the refreshments. Spilling coffee on the casting director’s ratty T with the pizza sauce stain will not win you any points.

Tip#5 – Be Confident! You may feel confident in your abilities but it must carry over in your demeanor. Remember confidence is not cockiness. Confidence is walking with your head high, smiling when things go bad, and speaking as if you don’t mind if everyone hears you. Stand straight and speak clearly. Remember, when you read, never look in one in the eyes unless someone is reading with you. The casting director wants to evaluate you without having to validate you by making gestures to show he’s listening. Look at him while reading shows that you need validation and that you lack confidence. Think of him as a camera and look past him.

Following these tips will not make you a better actor but they will make you a better professional and professionals get jobs. Keep this in mind as you pursue your acting career and you will be sure to have success. Now go out there and break a leg! Just remember to do it professionally, courteously, respectfully, and confidently.

Article By: Jay Watkins

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