One Hundred Forty

YouTube – FemFest 2010.

These interviews were conducted in November of 2010, (mine was on the 23rd) after last year’s Fem Fest. I was just thinking today, “What ever happened to those interviews and will I get a chance to see it?” Well, there’s only a minute’s worth of me being interviewed, appearing at 4:55, then a snippet of “No Offense…”, then I’m done.

I’ve always done good work with Sarasvatí Productions & it’s one of the theatres that gives me roles where I don’t feel typecasted. My interview was actually longer, as I’m sure everyone else’s was, but it would be great to remember what else I said in it. I’ve done monologue cabarets & Fem Fest almost every year. I only hope that my work scheduling doesn’t get in the way again, but in previous projects it was cool. It was just the time of year that it clashed & overlapped. I was trying to do too much & it just aggravated things.
Working with Sarasvatí Productions reminds me of my days at the Gastown Actor’s Studio & the discipline involved in doing the work, fleshing out our characters & creating great work to be proud of.
I hope to do more theatre like this in the future.


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