One Hundred Thirty-Seven

Took a workshop today, followed by the play, Back to Borneo; The workshop & play were conducted & performed by Paul “Sparky” Johnson.
The gang responsible for throwing together this 3-hour workshop was One Trunk Collective.

It’s always a good idea to take improv workshops, whether you’re new or seasoned to its skill. I rarely flex my improv muscle, unlike my 20’s at the Vancouver Theatre Sports League, doing it a few times a month. Ah, those days are gone & I’m lucky to have done this class for so cheap, and to include a show? It’s like I’m Donald Trump shopping at Winners.

The show, a one-man show, was autobiographical, as most are. I can’t help but focus on what I’d like to do if I wanted to write my own one-woman show. It’s in me somewhere in my physical memory. Whether it gets out of me & towards the general public for my profit remains to be seen.

I always find one-person shows inspiring.

One Trunk Winnipeg presents: Spolin Workshop by Paul Johnson
Professional Development WORKSHOP: The Theatre Games of VIOLA SPOLIN with Paul (Sparky) Johnson
Monday, March 14th, 12-3pm at Manitoba Theatre for Young People Workshop: $40 (includes ticket to Back to Borneo, Monday, March 14th, 8pm at MTYP see below)
Please RSVP to Andraea Sartison ( or 333-2666) by March 9th.

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP: This three hour workshop will introduce theatre professionals to the work of improvisational theatre legend, and inventor of theatre games: Viola Spolin ( The workshop will be delivered by Paul “Sparky” Johnson, who worked closely with her and her son Paul Sills (founder of The Second City) ( over the past three decades and was chosen to carry on their work. Sparky Johnson’s show Back to Borneo will play at the MTYP on Monday, March 14th. Winnipeg actors, theatre educators, playwrights, directors, producers and artists are invited to attend the workshop for $40 includes a free ticket to Johnson’s performance of Back to Borneo on Monday evening ( This workshop and show combo is a great opportunity for all to reconnect with the heart of acting and creativity. ABOUT PAUL (Sparky) JOHNSON: Paul (Sparky) Johnson was a founding member of Edmonton’s Catalyst Theatre and an actor/writer with The Second City Review Theatre. For many years, he had the rare opportunity of studying and working closely with theatre legend, the late Paul Sills – founder of The Second City and son of Viola Spolin. Toward the end of his life, Mr. Sills selected Sparky to take over and carry on his renowned acting workshops in Door County, Wisconsin. Since 2001, Sparky has been a guest artist at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (Drama) summer program. Sparky is a member of Actors’ Equity (USA), Canadian Actors’ Equity, and the Association of Canadian Cinema, Television, and Radio Artists. For the past twenty-five years, Sparky has been a full-time drama professor with the Augustana Faculty of the University of Alberta.

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