One Hundred Twenty-Seven

Our scene is only 15 minutes long among other shorts displayed;
There are several bits performed by various groups in our Strindbergfest show. Here’s the list in no particular order:

  1. Master Playwright: The Video Game (Courtesy of PO-MO inc.)
  2. Who Was August Strindberg? Short film by James Van Niekerk; Narrator William Jordan; Original Music by Matt Gillies
  3. The Stage Door Keeper: Based on the poetry of August strindberg, written by/starring Megan Andres
  4. We Waves by Claire Morrison & Daniel Péloquin-Hopfner; lyrics by August Strindberg
  5. August Strindberg & Helium In Iron & Sulfur; August Strindberg & Helium Go to the Beach: Based on the popular internet short about a lovable creature who exists purely to cheer up Strindberg. Performed by William Jordan & Claire Morrison.
  6. Half a Sheet of Foolscap, As directed by Snakeskin Jacket, a short story by August strindberg featuring Jane Walker & Ivan Henwood; Powered by delicious baked goods of Jonnies Sticky Buns.
  7. The Story of Jubal, a story by August Strindberg; read by Elizabeth Madden; original music by Matt Gillies.
  8. Romeo & Julia by Will’ O’Donnell, Jen Walker & Daniel Péloquin-Hopfner; based on the story by the same name by August Strindberg.
  9. Three Degrees of Impertinence; a new one-act play by William Jordan & Kevin C. Houle; inspired by The Sluggard; Directed by Ray Strachan, performed by Tobias Hughes (as Crossberg), RobYn Slade (as Louisa), Josh Banman (as Reynolds/Death) & Natasha Durand (as Elizabeth).
  10. Giftas, inspired by August Strindberg’s Marriage; Directed by Kayla Jeanson, Choreographed by Brianna Ferguson, Warren Clelland, Kayla Jeanson; Performed by Brianna Ferguson & Warren Clelland. Music by Deadmau5.
  11. The Duel”: A one-act play adapted for the stage by Bill Moore, based on a short story by August Strindberg called A Duel, performed by Lorraine James (Wilma), Bill Moore (Jeffary), Ian Peters (Fred) & Kirsten Wattis (Isabella).
  12. Agnes, inspired by August Strindberg’s A Dream Play; Directed/choreographed by Kayla Jeanson; Performed by Milcah Abril; music by Peace Orchestra. Dance interactivity courtesy of PO-MO inc.
  13. High Summer Winter by Claire Morrison & Daniel Péloquin-Hopfner

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