One Hundred Fifteen

I attended Wabama 2010 at the Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival tonight & I was surprised at the audience’s reaction to my Attack Ad scene. All I thought was “My locks look out of place!” and “Is my African accent convincing to an African?” & all sorts of neurotic thoughts.

Basically, I met Wab Kinew for only the 2nd time ever (we waved at each other at an art gallery opening last month so that doesn’t count), shook his hand & had my photo taken with him (his little kids were adorable!), where Rhett & I munched on some snacks at the buffet with our complimentary wine (Thanks Rhett for accompanying me to the event).

The difference between film and theatre festivals is that you know ahead of time that a fringe play will go into the fringe, whereas you don’t know if a film will get into a film festival or which one. I thought this would just be on TV but being a part of this festival was a delightful surprise. This is only the 2nd film I’ve done that has appeared in a film festival. The 1st on being Maureen Bradley’s The Chosen Family.

I’ll also be seeing it again tomorrow on CBC TV at 11:35pm with my mom who had to work tonight & I hope you do too.
I also hope my dad will see it too. ❤


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