One Hundred Fourteen

  • Well, our 2nd last high school tour of No Offense… through Sarasvati Productions was on Friday, November 19th & our very last one is in February, conducted as a reading. It was always a surprise to see where the schools would place us (gyms, auditoriums, etc.) & where they’d have us change into our costumes (locker rooms, storage spaces, bathroom stalls, etc.). It was also unpredictable how the audiences would react, from the over enthusiastic & eager to the shy & the hecklers. The traveling was always a crap shoot of who’d show up 1st & who’d be late. We all had jobs or classes to deal with, but the show came 1st. Even personal dramas became obstacles, but we persevered. We’ll see if I’m up for another touring show in the future.
  • Wabama 2010 will be shown this Thursday at the U of W’s Eckhart-Grammatte Hall at 7pm with Wab Kinew & the director Carl Karp in attendence. If I don’t attend, then I’ll watch it on the tv the next day at 11:30pm on CBC TV.
  • Rehearsals for Not An Interview have been going pretty good. Our homework involved watching, Good Hair, Soul Food the movie, RACE: The Power of an Illusion & a british mini-series called, Moses Jones. Yesterday I had a duct tape dress form so that the seamstress could custom-make my shirt. Our fund-raiser is this Saturday at The Academy at 8pm, then our 1st public read-through is on December 4th at McNally-Robinson at 2pm, then February is when we have our 4 shows for Black History Month.
  • I wished I had the chance to do Strindbergfest but even though it’s early, I haven’t been beckoned to do anything for it.
  • Maybe I’ll audition for Less Than Kind this year?

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