One Hundred Twelve

I have a brief role alongside Wab Kinew, which will be shown at this festival. Thursday, November 25th, 2010.

’twas a joy to be a part of this. Now to witness what went into it.

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Eckhardt-Grammate Hall | Thursday, Nov. 25th at 7PM
Director: Carl Karp
Canada 22 min. 2010
Short Film
World Premiere

It’s a mayor’s race like no other.

WABAMA 2010 is a 22 minute film, mostly comedy, with some hard-hitting satire and very edgy rap that asks the question: Is Winnipeg ready for an Aboriginal mayor?

And what if that mayor is Wab Kinew? His day job has him reporting news for CBC TV and hosting CBC’s Radio show, “The (204)”. At night, he moonlights as an award-winning rap artist.
And now he wants to be mayor.

How did I find this info? Two words: Google Alerts. Put your name or your projects in it to get updates & to know if/when/where it’s shown.


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