One Hundred Nine

  • Lorraine James Main Page:I have an account on Casting Workbook and with it came the chance to create a website. It’s one of many I seem to have floating around the internet. I’ve made it awhile ago too.
  • Yesterday morning, I shot a bit for a comedy piece, starring Wab Kinew. He came, did his lines for 5 minutes, then he left. It’s suppose to air next month November, so more info to come. Thanks to Ryan McMahon for bringing me onto the project.
  • Thank you to Carl Karp and Cameraman Ray at CBC for driving me to the College Pierre-Elliott Trudeau for my touring performance of “No Offense…” The Gym Teachers were very helpful andaccommodating with the set-up. The best were the students who had the nerve toparticipateand vocalize what should be done in a racist situation. A group of students in the green t-shirts handed the cast special pens with their school name on it. I didn’t expect to receive anything other than applause, but this was the cherry on my sundae. I think we were so surprised by their reception because youth are often underestimated. I was glad to be pleasantly surprised.

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