One Hundred Eight

  1. Fund-raiser: Benefits Community Vibes
  2. November 27th at The Academy on Osborne & Stradbrook.
  3. Time: 8pm
  4. The fund-raiser will be hosted by Heather Witherden!
  5. Performer: James Struthers,
    DJ & more to be determined.
  6. Seating: 500 max.

  1. Play Title: Not an Interview
  2. Writer/Director: Thembani Mluli on Tumblr.
  3. Actors: Kim Zeglinski & Lorraine James.
  4. When: Reading in December 4th at 2pm at McNally-Robinson, then performance for Black History Month in February 24/25/26th (2x on the 26th).
  5. Assistant Producer: Robyn Geddes.
  6. Publicist & Dramaturge: Allison Norris
  7. Venue: The Colin Jackson Studio at the Prairie Theatre Exchange.
  8. Synopsis: A Black professor is challenged about her knowledge on black history by a white interviewer.
  9. Costumes: Julianne on Tumblr.
  10. Producer: Community Vibes.

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