One Hundred Three

It must be TIFF – Winnipeg Free Press.

❚ Hauntings

Even when Guy Maddin doesn’t have a film programmed at TIFF, he still remains something of a fixture following his triumphant TIFF showcases such as My Winnipeg and The Saddest Music in the World.
Hauntings is a series of short counterfeit “lost” films Maddin and a few collaborators shot concurrently with his upcoming feature Keyhole only a few weeks ago. A selection of the Hauntings films are being screened as installation art at TIFF’s new Bell Lightbox headquarters, which officially opens Sunday, Sept. 12.
“A film can summon before our eyes, like ghosts invoked from the beyond, performances from the past, performances by actors no longer with us, in settings changed forever,
” Maddin writes in his official statement on the films. “Out of concern that the sensational TIFF Bell Lightbox might be too spanking new for the sad ectoplasms that really should be a movie venue’s luminous principal denizens, I have offered to haunt the joint.”

A scene from Guy Maddin’s Hauntings.

Enlarge Image

A scene from Guy Maddin’s Hauntings.

“Noah Cowan, the guy in charge of the new building project, commissioned these things,” Maddin says. “He’s installing a great show involving the consecration of what TIFF honchos consider the ‘Essential 100,’ their filmic canon. My Hauntings are designed to show in the unconsecrated ground in the gallery beside these essentials.”
Maddin says he’ll be at the “official cocktail party bottle-smashing launch” but says he doubts “anyone will even be able to see the projections at this opening.
“The light will be splashed all over visitors instead of screens, but this is typical of all openings – more about the people than anything else, and that’s fine with me.”

I wonder when the rest of the world will see these? It would be great to get a clip for my demo reel.


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