Be sure to check out theFacebook | FemFest 2010: On the Edge page, if you’d like to check out this annual festival, put on by Sarasvati Productions.

Sarasvti began in 1996 when founder, Hope McIntyre, began to work on the script of REVISIONING through a collaborative process with the performers, composers and choreographer. The company was incorporated in August 1998 in Toronto. Sarasvti Dramatic Theatre Productions and Repertory Inc. is a Manitoba version of that earlier entity. It was founded in Winnipeg in October 2000. Full charitable status was received in May 2003.

In its history, Sarasvti Productions has workshopped several scripts, done readings of new work in development and coordinated skill-development workshops for artists.

We have done benefits for several organizations and worked extensively with community groups. We feel we have managed to be part of the Winnipeg theatre community and the larger community that surrounds us. In terms of our artistic contribution over the years, we have provided invaluable opportunities to emerging artists. Work with local community groups and similar outreach initiatives have been extremely successful. Over the past 8 years, the company has continued to develop artistically with new initiatives; we have continually increased our audience base and box office income, as well as establishing ourselves as a permanent theatrical presence.

Our regular events include Fem Fest, a festival celebrating women playwrights, One Night Stand reading series for the development of new plays, and the International Womens Week Cabaret of Monologues. In addition we generally do another full production each season sometimes as part of MTCs Master Playwrights Festival, the Fringe or as an independent production.

Check out their website too. There’s more info about their Twitter link also.


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