I didn’t think I’d have enough time to watch any fringe shows at all, but I squeezed in only 6 this year. Luckily I didn’t feel worn out or wrung out, so I’ll be going back to my wage-slave job fresher than before. Here are my glimpses of the few I’d seen this year:

  • Kafka in Love: it wasn’t as weird as I thought it would be. I liked the 3 stories featured. The writing was good; I’m always aware of the female characters written as distractions, but otherwise the actors did a good job. Kevin Anderson, who was my co-star in Recycled, had an 18-minute monologue, in a Czech accent, at the end of the play. Great job, Kev!
  • Scar Tissue: Anyone who mentioned this play to me always triggers my reaction to the ending of it. Every time I saw the performers around the fringe grounds, I’d express my delight in seeing their show, like I were a Justin Bieber fan (adding his name here will get me a butt-load of traffic!). The writing, acting & directing was superior. Period.
  • Super Spectacular!: Rick Caslake & I met these two beautifully-talented men before our CJOB interview. They seemed normal. They went into character after Rick & I coughed up some answers to the interviewer & their charismatic characters convinced me to see their show. I was so glad I went! As a person who knows a thumble-full about opera, their pitch sold me on its entertainment value, and they weren’t wrong. The audience couldn’t stop laughing; my facial muscles were sore from grinning & laughing & their style was inspiring. I haven’t heard a bad thing about them from anyone who had seen them. They’ve learned from Philippe Gaulier and I wanna know who this genius is.
  • CRUMBS in the 13th Dimension: I’m a fan (not some creepy stalker) of these guys, maybe because I did improv way back in Vancouver & my improv muscle is sagging. I didn’t do very much long-form like these young’uns, mostly theatre sports, so it’s still good to see many different forms. My “date” was the vivacious Rebecca Gibson (thanks for the ride home, chica! ❤ ). Even Ryan Stiles knows of their skills! Every night is a different show, so just when you think your night was good, go on a different one to compare.
  • unADULTeRATED me: Starts off quirky, gets funnier, leads to poignant & ends up revealing (pun intended). Rachelle Fordyce is a good friend of mine & she happens to be a great performer too. All this time, I’d never heard her sing opera!
  • Little Dickie Milburn: It was weird seeing another show in the same venue we did Recycled in, but that has nothing to do with how amusing this show was. I’m always distracted by younger people’s make-up job to look older, but then again, Morley Walker dissed me for looking like a kid in my show, so no ill-will towards any of the fine actors in this show.

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