1. Thank you to all the total strangers who went out of their way to tell me how much they liked the show, for feeling so compelled to express yourselves and motivate me to keep trudging along this inconsistent profession.
  2. Thank you Winnipeg Fringe Festival for picking Rick’s play to be performed in the first place.
  3. Thank you to St. Mary’s Church for allowing us to rehearse our fringe show.
  4. Thanks to the only other cast member, Kevin Anderson, who was talented and just all-around fun to work with and made every rehearsal feel like it wasn’t work.
  5. Thanks to Barbara Best for her patience and trust in our abilities as actors and for the use of her home for line rehearsals (also her husband Ted for tolerating us and seeing our show).
  6. Thanks to Sherry Bailey for inspiring Rick to write such a delightfully thought-provoking play and for your backstage help, also your delicious bread I ate during rehearsals and performances. Veggies Unite!
  7. Thanks to Laura our venue technician for being in charge and keeping us in line.
  8. Thank you to my wonderful family for coming out to many of my shows in the past and being supportive.
  9. Thanks to my wonderful friends who came out, rain or shine, to see me on stage, some of you more than once, and also being supportive.
  10. Thank you to my fellow actors who came out to see me, for which I’m always grateful!
  11. A GIGANTIC Thank you Rick Caslake, for casting me in a role that no major theatre or major film company would have even considered me for, for seeing capabilities in me that nobody saw, for going beyond race and sexual attractiveness and believing I was the right person for the role and for just being you. Create custom animated gifs at!


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