I love recording my lines so I can listen to them over and over again.

Paying attention rather than treating the recording as background noise is best, otherwise my listening skills are shot & I won’t pay attention to the other actor while we’re doing our scene.

Many actors have different methods that work for them, thought processes that sync with certain methods.

I think once you’re busy with projects & memorizing a lot, then that muscle strengthens so you don’t have to even think about a method to search for in the 1st place; after long stretches of no work, your brain gets flabby (actually my brain does).

Now to digest the rest of my lines by the end of the month.

For some parts that I can’t remember, I’ll figure out what’s blocking me from remembering that. I’ll find something to connect with the senses, otherwise it’s words on a page. If I’m not connected to that moment then I’ll never get it. Relate to it somehow.

There are some lines that I don’t even have to think about, rolling off the tongue automatically. I wish the whole script was like that.

While I’m typing this, I could be going over my script.

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