• Background Actor for: Faces In the Crowd
  • When: Sunday, June 13th 2010 (last filming day)
  • Where: 340 Provencher Blvd., (FRANCO MANITOBAN CULTURAL CENTRE)
  • Time: 1600 (4pm)
  • Lead Actors: Milla Jovovich & Julian McMahon.
  • SCENE: As Anna (Milla Jovovich) is at the hospital having a freak-out, I’m playing a HOSPITAL PATIENT, sitting in a wheelchair & being pushed across the hall. Local actor, Lois Brothers was a day player as a doctor.

From: @MillaJovovich
Sent: Jun 14, 2010 16:28

Well bye bye Winnipeg!We had so much fun!Now we’re on our way back home,though it will b a short stop it will b enjoyed by the whole family!

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On Twitter: http://twitter.com/MillaJovovich/status/16177315698


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