Every time I do the fringe or any stage show, I avoid reading reviews. They pour out especially during the fringe festival.

It’s never a good idea to seek them out when you’re doing the show. Many actors agree but some don’t see the big deal until it happens to them. You have that review, whether good or bad, trapped alongside all the lines, character choices, blocking, etc. To have the review clog up your machinery just messing up your mind. That review & that critic has hijacked your thinking while you’re trying to concentrate.
One musician asked me if it was a matter of ego. I wasn’t sure if I should have been offended, but I blithered on about the whole concentration thing, but I think she dismissed me & decided it was about ego.
Really, I mean, do you need someone’s mere opinion in your head while you’re trying to do your job? You get your own stupid ideas on how to change the play, what you did wrong or that thing that critic liked that you’re try to repeat. The reviews are for the public to read & even interpret.

Many reviews are biased anyway. I don’t know how many plays & movies I’d seen where I scratched my head, thinking, “What the hell were they talking about?”.
I still look for other’s reviews, since many critics have their own angle.

Anyway, when you read a review of our fring play, PLEASE DON’T TELL US ABOUT IT!

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