(Order: Author “Piece” Reader Start – 7 pm)

  1. Alissa York “Raccoon” Hope McIntyre
  2. Libby Simon “True North Ender” James Firby
  3. Ron Romanowski “Mother Reader & Her Children” Lorraine James
  4. Elizabeth Hay “Scenes from School” Doug Spiers
  5. John Toone “Aliens” Doug Spiers
  6. Beverley Cooper “Humour Me” Mel Marginet
  7. Vern Thiessen “Lenin’s Embalmers” Kevin Anderson & Brent Hirose
  8. Carolyn Gray “The Stains” Alex Bolton
  9. Ariel Gordon “Corporal of the Guard” Kevin Anderson
  10. Susie Moloney “Very Lou Prentiss” Geoff Trubiak
  11. Kent Schiltroth “I’ll Remember” Joff Schmidt
  12. Anthony De Sa “Carnival of Desire” Rod Beilfuss
  13. Kim Zeglinski “Gi-Gi Spot” Kim Zeglinski and Gislina Patterson (Intermission – 20 minutes
    Keynote – Brent Hirose – 5 minutes
  14. Hannah Moscovitch “Tracy” Andrea Houssin
  15. Brian Francis “Two years ago “Stephanie Plaitin
  16. Asa Nodelman “Puppetmaster” Toby Hughes
  17. Martha Baillie “Freedom Rocks” Richard Cloutier
  18. Margaret Sweatman “skin of viscera” Bob Hopkins
  19. Rosie Chard “Ladder” Megan Herkert
  20. Sharilyn Palmer “Be not afraid” Casey Shapira
  21. Jonathan Ball “The Crow and the Traveller” Derek Leenhouts
  22. Primrose Knazan “Precipice” Lisa Nelson
  23. Anosh Irani “My Granny the Goldfish” Brent Hirose
  24. Michael Nathanson “Audition” Alix Sobler

(End – Approx 9 pm)

Some of these people I’ve met, some I only know of by name while the rest are total strangers to me. I can’t wait to Facebook a few new People!

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