Someone asked about the content of “Recycled”, if it was safe for children. The cast & crew have had this same question pitched at them too. If you don’t have kids then you rarely think about this question.

Well, there’s no nudity, no swearing at all and any sexual innuendos are as tame as a Rock Hudson/Doris Day movie.

It’s a romantic comedy that’s fine for all ages, but the audiences we draw would depend on their interest in the story. If I were a kid, I wouldn’t relate to this at all, but that’s me. Maybe it’s because I’m a woman, but then again I don’t think this genre excludes men. It’s for anyone who wants to see 2 people and their love life and how they come together. The characters are straight but does that mean the LGBTQQ* community wouldn’t watch this? It’s also an interracial couple but that’s a non-issue here. It’s not about a black woman who was heart-broken by a white man for cultural reasons. These 2 people met, fell in love, were together for 7 years then he left her. This story is a 30-year reunion and the audience will see if what they had is recyclable enough to work or if it should be tossed in a landfill. Sometimes you never can tell where a relationship will go until you sift through the blue bin.

Anyway, that question about what audience this is for provoked a load I had to dump here.

We had a group in November listen to the read-through and they liked it, but in July, many others will get an eye and earful of our one-hour show, wherever our venue will be.

Bring your date, come alone or grab the gang and see for yourself.


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