This passed Sunday was the second read-through for the fringe play, “Recycled”. We all love & are excited about the play, but we can also see the potential to flesh it out more. Working with the original playwright gives us this chance, to bounce ideas, to kvetch, to chisel away until a memorable work of art stuns us & the public.

Next week is the U of W’s Student Film Festival & I’ll finally see the magic of film-making once again for the premiere of “Idle”, with the rest of the cast & crew.

The Improv Class last Saturday was cancelled just 24 hours beforehand. I was so looking forward to it too, since I loved the last one in August of ’09. Message to Aaron Merke: COME BACK FOR A DO-OVER!!!!


There’s a film being shot, that was pushed from last month to this week, then until next month! The title of the film starts with an “F” and so does the word I’m thinking of for feeling passed over for an audition.

I’m not bitter.

Not at all.




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