This Saturday is another workshop with Aaron Merke! The last one was August ’09 for 3 Saturdays & this one is for only 1 day, so we’ll see what I’ve forgotten since then.

List of Improv References:

Also: Check my blogroll of improv links that repeat here or I might have missed. If you know of any more, comment them below.

These improv classes are to teach you how to create characters quickly and tweek the individual’s improv skills in the mind of
Long Form Improvisation, Created by the late Del Close (personal teacher and Mentor to Aaron). These techniques have become an industry standard for comedians and actors alike. Long form has helped many careers; From the cast and writers on SNL, Late night with Conan O’Brien, Mad TV, Scrubs, 30 Rock & many more.
This class will be perfect for career actors or comedians, or the person that wants to get comfortable in front of a crowd. Whatever your experience level, this class guarantees a fun and safe learning environment for all ages.

There’s also some free comedy tonight at The King’s Head Pub in the Exchange District to catch so improv.


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