Well, the play read went well. During rehearsal a few hours before, there was stumbling (yes, I mean I goofed up many lines & blocking), but this was the time to iron them out before inflicting them on the public. The scenes & the performances also went well.

Until the fire alarm went off.

We even kept on reading, but then we were instructed to evacuate, standing outside in the back until 5 minutes later, when we were all brought back inside.

Things like this shake you up and throw you off, but it awakens you from your monotonous funk (yeah, I mean mine), so it seemed fresher (along with a glass of wine my friend Cherif bought for me. Thanks bro!) so the show went on, as they say.

It was a joy to work with the other 7 actors, even if for only a brief moment. It really did seem like a moment. What, 3 rehearsals & then the show?

If you closed your eyes, it was like hearing a radio play.

I’m looking forward to the first rehearsal of our fringe play in 10 days, right after a raw food pot luck that same day.


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