I finally had the chance to see, Snake River tonight. I was impatient in seeing only my scenes, but I had to chillax & take in the whole thing.

There were so many people I knew & yet didn’t realize were in the movie. It was a delight to see the people I’d worked with again, to see their work on screen. I loved the way all that hard work put into a film just turns into a neat cracker-jack prize of a moment when you’ve finally realized what was created.
It was a good movie no matter where it was shot or how much it cost to make. There definitely was heart in the film without manipulating our heart-strings. My scenes were a’ight.

There’s one more night left:

  • Wednesday night
  • 7pm
  • The Cinematheque

I can’t wait for the DVD!


2 thoughts on “Sixty-One

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