I’m not sure what kinds of relationships I’ve developed over the decades I’ve been in this business called show, but I’d like to think there’s some sincerity and that I know the difference between a colleague and a friend. I get the feeling sometimes that most people don’t want to work with me for whatever reason that may never be known to me, that they don’t like my look or they’ve seen my performance and said, “Pffft!”. Anyway, I’ve had maybe a handful of positive relationships with most actors and maybe even a few artistic directors, filmmakers, directors and possibly even casting directors.

I love this quote and just had to share this:

Jason Reitman said, “I want a family that I make movies with. I want a shorthand. I believe in relationship over resum. I think, you know, things are going to get tough, and you have to really question who you want to be standing next to when they do. The reason I enjoy working with people I know is just I know what they do. I know how to get them to do things. The faster I can get there with somebody, the better, and there’s just people I enjoy being in the company of.”


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