• Thanks to Maggie Nagle for believing I could perform in Churchillfest.
  • Thanks to the cast (Graham Ashmore, Katia de Pena, Nancy Drake, David Gillies and Daniel Matthis) and crew (Veralyn Warkentin, Chris Gerrard-Pinker & Will Tomlinson) for your education, entertainment and your sexiness: MROWR!
  • Thanks to my family (my parents and my younger brother) for being only a handful of black people who support theatre,(besides the 2 younger guys I saw at “Seven Jewish Children). If I wasn’t involved, I doubt there’d be any other black people watching theatre in Winnipeg.
  • Thanks to my friends and fellow colleagues who came out, supporting everyone involved and I’m glad to have seen yours.
  • Thanks to the familiar faces I saw at most of the shows I also saw, having great conversations about theatre.
  • Thanks to the public who braced the cold weather, like we did, for the sake of live theatre.
  • I’d really love to thank everyone who ever hired me for their shows and their productions, looking at me and saying, “You’ll do”.

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