A few people have asked me what the play Light Shining in Buckinghamshire is about. I don’t know how to tell them, since the material is so surreal and dense. It’s not as simple to describe Caryl Churchill‘s writings like a sit-com, so I went and researched. I came up with more gobbledy-gook, but came across something on Google Reader:

Caryl Churchill
“Even more than an immediately impressive exercise in historical drama, the play deals in the rawness of life during the Civil War and the crazy mixture of ideals and half truths which led a group of free-loving pantheistic communists to set their standard agains the standard of the false revolution of Cromwell’s parliamentarians.” ~ Steve Grant

LIGHT SHINING IN BUCKINGHAMSHIRE was first staged in 1976 at the Royal Court Theatre Upstairs. The Guardian wrote that ‘the play has an austere eloquence that precisely matches its subject’. It was revived at the Royal National Theatre in 1996.
Caryl Churchill, Author of CLOUD NINE, TOP GIRLS & MAD FOREST, has been hailed as ‘a dramatist who must surely be amongst the best half-dozen now writing… a playwright of genuine audacity and assurance, able to use her considerable wit and intelligence in ways at once unusual, resonant and dramatically riveting.‘ Benedict Nightingale.

Anything that’s helpful to my simple mind should be clear enough for anyone else. If it’s still not clear, well, come and watch the play!


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