Morgan Freeman is on Rachael Ray right now. Usually I watch “Ellen” but he’s one of Rachael’s guests today. He’s promoting his movie “Invictus” w/ Matt Damon (opens this Friday the 18th). It’s a relief to know that even he’s critical of his own work; one of the greatest actors alive finds watching his own work a kind of torture: “I’m watching the same thing” he says of the flaws only he can see. The rest of us are in awe & could only wave a magic wand to trade places with him for a day or even, well, a year! He’s seen almost all of his own movies (he stresses the word ALMOST). Matt Damon studied his role for 6 months to bulk up and study his South African accent. MF’s next movie is “Dirty Old Men” w/ *possibly* Jack Nicholson. I’ll put these flicks on my movie list.

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