Pick up your free Fokal magazines at Bar Italia, SuperStore-McPhilips, The Millenium Library or Jugo Juice Polo Park.
Great pictures and article about Tutulungan Kita (I’ll Help You) short film shot this summer, for which I was a Production Assistant on.
Thanks to all those people who helped complete this fun film project!
Last night’s movie, Precious was so powerful, I could’ve barfed. I loved the lack of glamour to it, like it were documenting a real person; the star appearances (Mariah Carey, Sherri Shepard, Lenny Kravitz) were unrecognisible then impressive & real. The movie was gritty, except then the protagonist, Precious, lapsed into her fantasy life. I think Mo’nique should at least get a nomination, whether she wins or not. You hated & pitied her. Precious had her flaws, but we were still on her side. If you didn’t like it, I want to read something in the comment area, a’ight?


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