Today, I portrayed a client seeking representation through The Law Society of Manitoba. Several of us actors get our scenarios weeks in advance then go over it so that when asked what brought us in, we seamlessly tell the tale as though it were our own. The beauty of it is that there are no lines to memorize & the story is the thing! Plus you feel like an audition reader, the student is the one on-camera while the moderater manages the tiny camcorder propped on the long table way at the other end. Each student I’m paired with get 30 minutes, then another one comes in & I start all over again, like it were brand new. After repeating myself to 9 students (I had a short day, as the other actors had 12 students to handle), it becomes a blur & the repitition becomes monotonous, lulling me. A few years ago, I was getting drowsy & I must’ve been sleeping with my eyes open for the law student just kept on going.
Lunch was provided (nothing vegan so I brought something) and “the cheque is in the mail”.
If this were a part-time job, I’d be all over it.

Next month I’m an assault victim for a police academy.


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