My Acting Library

  1. “Audition” Michael Shurtleff
  2. “Self-Management for Actors” Bonnie Gillespie
  3. “A Practical Handbook for the Actor” Melissa Bruder, Lee Michael Cohn, Madeline Olnek, Nathaniel Pollack, Robert Previto & Scott Zigler
  4. “The Monologue Workshop” Jack Poggi
  5. “13 by Shanley”
  6. “Blumenfeld”s Dictionary of Acting and Show Business” Robert Blumenfeld
  7. “Out of Character” edited by Mark Russell
  8. “O Solo Homo” edited by Holly Hughes & David Romŕn
  9. “Al Pacino: In conversation with Lawrence Grobel
  10. “Acting for the Camera” Tony Barr
  11. “Contemporary Movie Monologues: A Sourcebook for Actors” edited by Marisa Smith & Jocelyn Beard
  12. “Teach Yourself Stand-Up Comedy” Logan Murray
  13. “The Actor’s Book of Monologues for Women” Stefan Rudnicki
  14. “Brave New Play Rites” edited by Bryan Wade
  15. “Winning Auditions: 101 Strategies for Actors” Mark Brandon
  16. “Hot Tips for Cold Readings” Nina Finburgh
  17. “Teach Yourself Film Making” Tom Holden
  18. “Impro: Improvisation & the Theatre” Keith Johnstone
  19. “The Actor: A Practical Guide to a Professional Career” Eve Brandstein w/ Joanna Lipari
  20. “How to Be a Working Actor” Mari Lyn Henry & Lynne Rogers
  21. Accents for Black Actors

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