My friend Lori S. & I checked out Cherry Docs, written by David Gow. It’s about a Jewish lawyer, Danny Dunkleman (Graham Ashmore) who has to defend a neo-nazi skinhead Michael Downey (Matthew Tenbruggencate) in court. As long as there’s anti-semitism & all sorts of prejudice, there’ll always be plays sifting through it. I’m glad it wasn’t presenting a pat answer to solve racism. One person @ a time.
It’s hard for another actor to “review” other actors. I’ll simply boil it down to this: it must’ve been interesting homework to grapple with one’s own hatred & assumptions, whatever they may be; when you study your character, you turn inward & do your own inventory, scaring & surprising yourself.
I’m mostly curious about the 2 actors & their own discoveries about their characters. I mean, I did a play on racism & to realize that we’re all powerless against it is difficult to accept. I think we’re all recovering racists, the entire “human race”. Plays like this always make me think, ya know?

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