Today was day 1 of our Forum Theatre experiment on racism.
It was a pretty decent house for a 2 o’clock show. I was proud of the audience members who came on stage to step in & halt the offensive behavior. One soft-spoken girl came up twice!
I wasn’t as possesed by nerves as I thought I’d be. It was treated as a reading with movement, so our scripts felt like safety nets.
So many people think they’re so brave when they merely talk about what they’d do if abuse was right in front of them, but our show was a safe environment for the public to act out their responses and come away feeling like they’ve put a stop to it, if only for a moment. It’s a scary thing to stand up to someone, in general, nevermind coming on stage.
I can’t wait to see what audience we attract for our last 2 shows. I feel like just watching the other person, so I nudge myself to stay active in the scene.
I’m only sad our show isn’t everyday, but it’ll tour schools around Winnipeg, come next Spring or so. We might have the same cast or a different mix. Who knows?

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