Last Saturday was the beginning of my 3 DAY INTENSIVE IMPROV MERKSHOP with Aaron Merke
Started his career studying at Chicago’s I.O. Theater under the late Del Close. The creator of the “ Harold” and mentor to Bill Murray, Chris Farley, Gilda Radner, Mike Myers, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler… and many more. Aaron is also an alumni of Toronto’s Second City. Has taught through-out North America including People’s Improv Theater – New York, Toronto’s Improv Jamboree, Academy of Broadcasting, the City of Toronto- government, and Winnipeg’s School division. Etc.}.

COURSE: Day 1- IMPROV KUNG-FU (Aug 1st )Understanding long form and cutting the improv fat. The workshop works closely with the Individual in establishing good improv habits and “finding the game.” This is a diagnostic course and the individual will receive fierce individual feedback in a personal manner. (It was a whole day of using our imaginations and “Emptying the Cup” of everything else we knew about improv to soak in his knowledge. By the last hour, our energy was petering out and we started yawning; squeezing as much improv play out of one’s body made us feel like a wrung-out dish towel. One of the students quoted, “You have to lift 250 lbs so you can lift 50 lbs. ” And we felt the weight of improv on our shoulders. )
•”TRUTH IN COMEDY” written by Del Close, Charna Halpern.
Mick Napier‘s “Improvise: Scene from the Inside-Out” . (This book is not know for its writing but for its approach)

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