She’s Not There was a great play, but it also reminded me of The Seven Year Itch: A couple, together for 7 years until a beautiful woman enters the picture. I loved the movie and I loved this play, so I ain’t knockin’ either. I loved the different versions of “She’s Not There” by The Zombies, and various other groups. The performances, the chemistry, the dialogue, the writing: it all worked for me. I wondered who was watching this and said to themselves, “If only my boyfriend made the same choice Scott did. Sigh.” Sometimes I’d watch a play like this and say, “Only at the fringe on stage. Sigh.” Sometimes a person is so appealing because of what little you know of them, so the idea of them attracts you, but then you find out they’re just a normal human being with quirks and baggage like you have and that makes your choice for you. Jason Neufeld, Jennifer Hupe and Alix Sobler did an awesome job at their realistic portayals. Congratulations on getting “Best of the Fest”, which I caught early enough to finally get a ticket.

Grandpa Sol & Grandma Rosie was a surprisingly marvelous show by Lana Schwarcz. This multi-talented actor from Australia goes back and forth between puppetry and various characters while telling a wonderful story about overcoming her fears of the elderly and Saltana raisins. I had no idea what a delightful show I was in for when a friend of mine gave me her ticket. I just have to thank Leslie for that.


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