The Johnald Slow Show: Season 2
Presented by InterVisceral Productions

It was like being at a real talk show! I don’t know if that sounded back-handed, but I liked it. I bought into Dean Harder’s character of Johnald Slow and I’m so glad he’s not like Jiminy Glick or some incompetent-for-comedy’s-sake-type. His guest, when I was there, was Dave Rudge from Half Pints, a local Beer Brewer in Winnipeg. I wasn’t sure what to expect, exactly, eventhough the majority of us have watched talk shows and even mock-shows like “Larry Sanders”. I always find it odd seeing white people doing hip-hop, but props to Roni Ternopolski for “gettin’ jiggy wit it!”. I missed last year’s show, and it would’ve been neat to have watched it everyday for the hosts, but alas, I had many a fringe show to catch. Am I saying I liked this show? Yeah, it’s a’ight.

My Imaginary Harry
Presented by Imaginary Productions

Here I am, a grown woman, childless, watching a kid’s show. I figured, “What the hell, might as well”, plus I’d seen Cory Wojcik’s written stuff before. I didn’t expect to find the story and the characters so loveable, especially the story! I discovered cockles, as in, “It warmed the cockles of my heart” things that glowed. Tom Keenan as Harry was spectacular as the imaginary friend I wished I had as a young’un, and Gillian Moon’s Madison personified the rambunctious child we were (or wished we were). Laura Kolisnyk-Claire’s Mom starts off as all our moms then also amuses us (me) with her Captain Pillowhead. Damn, that was a funny character. Kudos to Vicky McMahon in directing this marvelous show. Note to Cory: F’ing A!

Taken from Winnipeg On Stage.


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