Last night, I saw Mata Hari at Venue 4, 10:15pm. Watching a talented actor/dancer/writer is always inspiring to watch. To witness the story of this intriguing and enigmatic Mata Hari, whom I know very little about, was also fascinating. It was also cool to see Talia in SUCH good shape! Anyway, her story was fascinating, her personal side was sad about her ex-husband not allowing her to see her only daughter and witnessing the death of her young son. What got me was the interrogation of accusing her of espionage and the end, which I won’t give away. If you want to know a little more about who Mata Hari was and witness Talia Pura’s talent, then check this out. Also there’s dancing and partial nudity, but if that bothers you, then get over it and see her show.


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