These LGBTQ filmmakers want to make Winnipeg ‘a beacon for CanCon’ | CBC Arts

This article is late, but one of the featured filmmakers, Amanda Kindzierski, is in this. The film Raising the Bar, as part of the 2016 48 Hour Film Competition, was a short film I was involved in.
These LGBTQ filmmakers want to make Winnipeg ‘a beacon for CanCon’

These LGBTQ filmmakers want to make Winnipeg ‘a beacon for CanCon’

“In Winnipeg, I can make a movie with 50 bucks and some sandwiches from my mom. And that’s not something you can do just anywhere.”
– Amanda Kindzierski, filmmaker
Amanda Kindzierski also came to filmmaking later in life. After working for many years as an account manager at various large companies, the death of a high school friend got her questioning her life. She realized she was destined for something more than crunching numbers and churning out reports. She wanted to tell stories.

“Raising the Bar” is a quirky comedy following two assistant managers at a gay karaoke bar trying to figure out who to fire in order to save money. Like Fitzpatrick and Epp, she’s a lifelong Winnipegger with no plans to leave, though she’d like the rest of the country to give her hometown film scene a second look.

“Raising The Bar.” (Reel Pride Winnipeg)
“I’ve always wondered why Winnipeg isn’t better known as a film city,” she says. “We have so many talented people the movie industry hasn’t recognized yet and I feel like we could really become a beacon for CanCon creation. It’s also a great place to make work because the community is so supportive and willing to help you out. In Winnipeg, I can make a movie with 50 bucks and some sandwiches from my mom. And that’s not something you can do just anywhere.”

Reel Pride Film Festival. October 16-21, Winnipeg.
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Trailer for “Gone: Finding My Daughter” on Vimeo

At 16 Ashley was forced to give up her daughter. 18 years later, on the eve of their meeting for the first time, the girl disappears without a trace. The only person helping Ashley is Jake, her old boyfriend. Their relationship is tested when Jake discovers that he’s also the girl’s father.

It’s finally arrived for y’all to watch. Stay tuned for future broadcasts.

Bard to get gender twists in Ruins’ new season | @SIR_winnipeg

More information to come about my impending role in this theatre company.

Bard to get gender twists in Ruins’ new season

By: Randall King

Posted: Winnipeg Free Press 01/23/2018

In a year that kicked off with massive protests against institutional sexism, the Winnipeg theatre company Shakespeare in the Ruins (SIR) announces a season that uses the works of William Shakespeare to target the gender divide from a fresh perspective.

The company performs Timon of Athens at the Trappist Monastery venue from May 31 to June 23 with an all-female cast. The second play of its season, typically a touring production that plays high schools and rural municipalities, sees SIR return to its 2017 tragedy Romeo and Juliet, this time performed by four male actors, which hearkens to the early Elizabethan tradition banning female actors from the stage (as portrayed in Shakespeare in Love).

“I thought I would balance the choice of an all-female show with an all-male show,” SIR artistic director Michelle Boulet says. “But choosing to do an all-female show as our mainstage production is kind of a big statement.

Their Romeo and Juliet “will not be the same at all” to the two-hour Ruins production of 2017, Boulet says. “It will be a one-hour show and it will give the students the idea of how, in Shakespeare’s time, women weren’t even allowed to act.

“So we put it in a historical setting and that frees them up to watch the show as an educational thing,” she says. “As they watch it, they’ll get drawn in and forget that they’re watching four guys.

“In the same way, I’m hoping the audience will forget that in Timon, they’re watching all women and go along with the story, no matter what the gender is.”

Given that Shakespeare wrote a couple of plays that explicitly address a battle of the sexes — The Taming of the Shrew and Much Ado About Nothing — Timon of Athens registers as one of the Bard’s more obscure plays, about a gentleman of Athens who is undone by his foolish generosity to undeserving friends.

“I was looking for a show that didn’t necessarily have gender politics in it, so that when you transfer it over, it’s unencumbered by that,” Boulet says.

“Basically, it’s such a simple story, it’s like a parable. It’s just Timon’s very simple journey.”

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2018 International Women’s Week Cabaret performances.

  1. Sunday, March 4th

2PM – Ukrainian Labour Temple

591 Pritchard Ave

2. Monday, March 5th

1PM – U of M Womyn’s Centre

220 Dysart Rd (Black Hole Theatre, Basement of University College)

3. Tuesday, March 6th

1:30 North End Women’s Centre

394 Selkirk Ave

4. Wednesday, March 7th

9 AM – Mount Carmel Clinic

886 Main St

5. Thursday, March 8th at St Aidan’s Christian School

1:30 PM

418 Aberdeen Ave

6. Friday, March 9th


A-Spire Theatre – 72 2nd Ave in Gimli, MB

…..and yesterday,

  • Thanks to Althea Cunningham for writing such a wonderful piece. I only hope the play itself becomes a success.
  • Thanks to Sarasvati Productions for taking me on, for the umpteenth time. I look forward to more productions with y’all.
  • Thanks for the company Of wonderfully talented women I shared the stage with: Ady Kay, Anjali Sandhu, Anna Binder, Monika Thurn Und Taxis, Joanna Hawkins, Reena Jolly, Kristy Janvier, Cheryl Soluk and Cynthia Fortlage. May we work together again. ❤️
  • Thanks to the crew: Hope McIntyre, Rachel Smith, Sandy Klowak, for your level-headedness, your encouragement and your guidance throughout the performances and car rides.

Meet the Cast!

After our dress rehearsal for the upcoming cabaret, about to happen in March, I took a cast photo.

Lovely cast after a dress rehearsal.

(Left to right) Joanna Hawkins, Ady Kay, Cheryl Soluk, Cynthia Fortlage, Anna Binder, Anjali Sandhu, Myself, Reena Jolly, Kristy Janvier and Monika Thurn Und Taxis

Eventually, Janet Shum’s photos of our monologues in action will end up here, or on the Sarasvati site.

Also: stay tuned for some updates about my debut with Shakespeare in the Ruins!