Two Hundred Seventy

The program 
listings for last night’s encore presentation.      
   Instead of listing the films, I thought I’d take a snapshot of last night’s program. They were all pretty good too! According to Ben Williams, seven of the sixteen filmmakers were women and one of them was a teenager who wrote, directed and performed every role in it. I think it was “H is for Hadley” by Tessa Lupkowski. 

Two Hundred Sixty Nine

    Won “Best Actress” in the 48 Hour Film Contest Short Film,”Cuddle Me”. Showing is at the Cinematheque 100 Arthur street around 7pm. 
    Preparing for The Job, a film by Mandeep Sodhi, being shot soon. 
    I’ll be starting rehearsals for the National Elevator Project at Fem Fest 2015 as a member of the ensemble in THE CLUB by Kendra Fanconi. Sept 15, 5:30 PM- 6:30 PM; 8:15 PM – 9:15 PM are the dates & times to watch out for. 
    I wasn’t in the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival this year. I know, shocker!
    Other projects that need more details will be posted at another time. 

Two Hundred Sixty Eight

Ben Williams did a CJOB Radio Winnipeg interview last Saturday with Greg Mackling and there’s a brief clip of my scene in my piece, Cuddle Me by Amanda Kindzierski. They talks about, basically, the details of the contest, it’s first showing at the  Gimli Film Festival in Gimli Manitoba, then at the Cinematheque a few days later. There’s an award ceremony, but no need to dress like you’re attending the Oscars though. Consider making a film for next year’s contest. Anyone with a desire to make a four minute film can enter. If you’re an expert at film making or just a hobbyist, you can enter. Actually, anyone can enter.

Two Hundred Sixty Seven

ACTRA Magazine Article  

I was sent this by Fernando Dalayoan, which holds photos of myself & other actors in an article about diversity. 

FYI: “Hearing Diversity” short film for ACTRA National is mentioned in this year’s ACTRA Magazine 2015. Thanks “Diversty” team for delivery our Canada, our diversity and our stories! 

Two Hundred Sixty Six

Screen capture from Facebook Over the past weekend, I participated in the 48 HOUR FILM CONTEST (2015) JULY 3rd at 5PM – 5th at 5PM, through the Winnipeg Film Group (Facebook Page) with an all-woman team. 

Here’s to the cast & crew:

  1. Director: Amanda Kindzierski 
  2. Producer: Sheryl Peters
  3. Actor: Lorraine James 
  4. Crew: Shereen Ramprashad

Supporting Cast

  1. Nicole & Peyton Levesque
  2. Derek Breckner
  3. Richard Chuckry
  4. Jasmin Chong
  5. Kacie Reimer
  6. Julie Kerfoot
  7. Betty La

     Crew setting ip to shoot me. 
    Left to Right: Kacie Reimer, Amanda Kindzierski & DarkCyan Studios. 

    People of all levels of experiences and talents participated in this once-a-year competition where filming started on JULY 3rd at 5PM – 5th at 5PM. Condensing the film-making process was an endurance but it propelled everyone to get it done PDQ. 

    The final results will debut at the Gimli Film Festival.  Photo courtesy of DarkCyan Studios.  

    Two Hundred Sixty Five


    Today, Kai Jolley and I performed in the intimate setting called the coffeehouse. I’d written a piece called Butch Purse that Kai and I performed to a receptive audience. It was great to perform something I’d also written. It’s actually an excerpt from a novel turned screenplay I’d written in 2012 and the scene about a butch lesbian who gets a pink purse for her birthday went over well. 

    We only did the one performance today but you might see us on the grounds on the 14th. 

    I hope to perform more Of my own scripts in the future, as an ensemble or as a solo show. 


    Two Hundred Sixty Four

    I checked out Miss’N’Me last night. 

    Going Into It: I assumed it was all hip hop and full of urban speak, that it was for a different audience. I wondered who this audience was for, being that Sarasvati focused on women’s stories. 

    Watching the Play: It had a Waiting for Godot feel to it; a woman on a personal quest to connect with her idol. Many of the characters were projections of her mind as she travels in her husband’s van she hijacked. Watching Melanie Whyte’s character interact with her clownish parents, her husband’s mermaid girlfriend, her anniversary party planner, dealing with the anxiety of turning 50; I wondered about the writer’s voice of internal struggle and “sitting in the bathtub weeping”. This was definitely a story born out of a need to sift through Catherine Banks’ life at the time and it was fascinating. Every performer (Colin Connor, Kevin P. Gabel, Alissa Watson and the lead, Melanie Whyte), portrayed their characters with zest and spark, especially Colin and Alissa juggling their multitude of characters so distinctly. 

    After the Show: I loved seeing the relationship between Dawna and her son, played wonderfully by both Melanie and Kevin. The set looked like a challenge to create around such an existential story. I was facinated with the shrine that the son sat in front of, made of skateboards: 👍🏿. With the music of Missy “Misdemeanour” Elliot, I expected to be totally surrounded by music as though I were in a nightclub. All in all, a good show.  Having grown up in a decade of hip hop and listening to Missy Elliot, I was skeptical about a white woman’s perspective on listening to hip hop. I hear so many other people tear down rap and hip hop, that I was surprised to hear of a play about how a black hip hop female artist influenced a fifty something woman and her journey through life. I had to witness it with my own eyes to find that out. Basically, if the lyrics grab you, you’re taken. I’ve been bewitched by Stone Temple Pilots and Nirvana for months and various other artists that people are surprised to hear me mention. It’s also interesting what takes hold of you as a person: a particular movie, a TV show, a painting and music artist. Dawna had a reawakening when she listened to Missy Elliot and it moved her, enough to steal her husband’s van and take off to New York. I hope this play has you wondering what cultural influence has moved you. Maybe it’s this play, possibly the performances, maybe even the bubble wrap dress near the end of the play?

    Watch and find out. 

    And enjoy!