Thank You for Another Super IWW!

Lorraine James:

This is five months late, but the cabaret of monologues was a great experience I’ve had the privilege to be in. I’ve also blogged on it but it’s good to find others blogging about it too.

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Twelve performances, three cities and nine SuperWomen! Our 11th International Women’s Week Cabaret of Monologues was a success – lots of people came out to celebrate and hear the incredible stories of nine amazing women written by talented Canadian playwrights. Thank you to all of our wonderful audiences for joining us to hear the stories of perseverance, self-discovery and empowerment!

Kim Kakegamic, Lorraine James, Jenna Hill, Samantha Walters & Mallory James at the UM Womyn's Centre Kim Kakegamic, Lorraine James, Jenna Hill, Samantha Walters & Mallory James at the UM Womyn’s Centre

Kicking off the week we performed to a great crowd at the Provincial Council of Women of Manitoba High Tea fundraiser! We were happy to be able to support this amazing organization that does so much to empower women throughout Manitoba. We were happy to also perform at another organization that does a lot to empower women, the University of Manitoba’s Womyn’s Centre. We performed there not only once, but twice last week!…

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National Elevator Project at FemFest 2015

Lorraine James:

I’m performing in “The Club”. Looking forward to this!

Originally posted on Sarasvati Transforms' Blog:

Ever covertly watch people in an elevator – now we invite you to do it openly as we offer plays in elevators at FemFest 2015! We have a special post from Melissa Thingelstad. She is the Director and Co-curator of the National Elevator Project. She addresses the innovative performance style of the plays and how each performance is different based on the audience. We cannot wait for FemFest to be part of this creative performance experience.

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Two Hundred Seventy

The program 
listings for last night’s encore presentation.      
   Instead of listing the films, I thought I’d take a snapshot of last night’s program. They were all pretty good too! According to Ben Williams, seven of the sixteen filmmakers were women and one of them was a teenager who wrote, directed and performed every role in it. I think it was “H is for Hadley” by Tessa Lupkowski. 

Two Hundred Sixty Nine

    Won “Best Actress” in the 48 Hour Film Contest Short Film,”Cuddle Me”. Showing is at the Cinematheque 100 Arthur street around 7pm. 
    Preparing for The Job, a film by Mandeep Sodhi, being shot soon. 
    I’ll be starting rehearsals for the National Elevator Project at Fem Fest 2015 as a member of the ensemble in THE CLUB by Kendra Fanconi. Sept 15, 5:30 PM- 6:30 PM; 8:15 PM – 9:15 PM are the dates & times to watch out for. 
    I wasn’t in the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival this year. I know, shocker!
    Other projects that need more details will be posted at another time. 

Two Hundred Sixty Eight

Ben Williams did a CJOB Radio Winnipeg interview last Saturday with Greg Mackling and there’s a brief clip of my scene in my piece, Cuddle Me by Amanda Kindzierski. They talks about, basically, the details of the contest, it’s first showing at the  Gimli Film Festival in Gimli Manitoba, then at the Cinematheque a few days later. There’s an award ceremony, but no need to dress like you’re attending the Oscars though. Consider making a film for next year’s contest. Anyone with a desire to make a four minute film can enter. If you’re an expert at film making or just a hobbyist, you can enter. Actually, anyone can enter.

Two Hundred Sixty Seven

ACTRA Magazine Article  

I was sent this by Fernando Dalayoan, which holds photos of myself & other actors in an article about diversity. 

FYI: “Hearing Diversity” short film for ACTRA National is mentioned in this year’s ACTRA Magazine 2015. Thanks “Diversty” team for delivery our Canada, our diversity and our stories!