Two Hundred Sixty Two

  1. The Cabaret of Monologues was a successful hoot and a half!  I look forward to doing it again.  It was too bad I didn’t meet Step Taylor, the writer of the monologue I performed. I also miss the character of Loretta, as is the usual routine when it finished a show. The women/wimmin/womyn we’re all great at their performances; it’s always a grab bag of a cast in terms of who I’ll be sharing the stage with. Every show I do with this company challenges and strengthens me as an actor. 
  2. In 1989, or 1990, I did a commercial for CKY News. I didn’t write down any notes for it so I don’t remember the director or the other actor, or even the hair and make up people. I’m hoping that someone could point me in the right direction, possibly a video floating around on the Internet. I went to the station a few years ago and they couldn’t help me. Maybe I didn’t ask the right questions. Anyway: “How to I get my film/TV clips from work done over 20 years ago?” Is the question I’m asking. 
  3. I haven’t been cast in any Winnipeg Fringe Festival shows yet but from now until May, it’s always possible. 

Two Hundred Fifty Seven

Rebellious Isobel Gunn, feisty Zelda Fitzgerald, and powerful Glory Girl are on the loose and are spreading a message of empowerment! For all of International Women’s Week these fascinating characters, and others, will be doing community performances around Winnipeg and surrounding areas in addition to the two public performances on March 7th at 4pm and […]

Doing the yearly International Women’s Day show this year. Last time was 2013.